Welcome to The Westlake Clinic

The Westlake Clinic based on Harley Street, London, the most prestigious medical address in the UK, offers a variety of specialisms and therapies including hypnotherapy, nutritional therapy, psychotherapy, life coaching, psychiatry, psychosexual therapy, counselling and stop smoking in London. 

The Westlake Clinic offers conventional treatments as well as alternative and complementary therapies that can treat a number of issues which enhance the lives of our clients and really make a difference. 

Westlake Clinic Therapy

Our Harley Street therapists are some of the leaders in their field of specialisation and are regularly asked to feature on television and in the press, as key note speakers or key note experts. 

Fully qualified, experienced and certificated in their chosen field of practice, our therapists are here to help you improve your life - your goal is their goal.  They program you for success, helping you achieve great results in a short time. 

Established in 2007, The Westlake Clinic has helped many thousands of people enhance their daily lives through talking therapies including counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and psychiatry; their sex lives through psychosexual therapy; improved their body through nutritional therapy and stop smoking hypnotherapy; as well as improving our client's career paths through Life Coaching.

The Westlake Clinic

Where Therapy Makes A Difference.


Would you like to join The Westlake Clinic? 

We offer attractive Harley Street consulting rooms to rent to qualified professionals, whether you are a medical practitioner, consultant or alternative or complementary health practitioner. 

Harley Street consulting rooms are available on four hour weekly session times and offer an alternative for therapists that wish to have their own pratice on Harley Street. 

The Harley Street consulting rooms are traditionally furnished and are ideal for a range of therapies, including hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, homeopathy, complementary therapies, doctor's consulting room, etc.

For more information on Harley Street consulting rooms to rent, please either visit the Room Hire page or visit www.harleystreetconsultingrooms.co.uk.

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