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Hypnotherapy London

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Owner of Hypnoslim

Hypnosis for Stress Management

Phobia Hypnposis

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Past Life Regression











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Hello, Im Nishi Dubash. Ive been a professional therapist helping and supporting people for close on 20 years. Ive been fortunate during this time to have worked with numerous clients from all walks of life on all levels of the mind, body and essence.

I started my career as a Psychic Medium and Healer offering a variety of therapies aimed at not only bringing peace of mind through my Spiritual Readings but helping to facilitate balance to the body and inner essence.

My thirst for knowledge and my desire to offer holistic healing led me to train in Mind Therapies. I specialise in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP. Stress Management, Phobias, anxiety and weight management and Past Life Regression are just a few of my areas of expertise.

The mind is a powerful tool when we know how to manage it effectively. Through a combination of therapy options, we will work together to explore the layers of conditioning, beliefs and repeat thought patterns that have been acquired throughout life which no longer serve us now. Removing blocks in the deeper part of the mind, rewiring old thought patterns and reinserting healthier programs will free you from any unwanted limitations to truly stand in your power.

In addition to offering therapies I am an accredited trainer in NLP and Hypnotherapy. I am also the proud owner of Hypnoslim .

Im a member of several governing bodies and adhering to all of their code of ethics. Caring and compassionate in nature I pride myself on providing a professional safe environment for you to explore your issues, identify solutions, heal and pursue the life you want and deserve to live.

I look forward to meeting you for a consultation to help you achieve the life you want.


Owner of Hypnoslim
Hypnotherapy for Stress Management
Hypnotherapy for Weight Management
Hypnotherapy for Phobias
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Past Life Regression

Nishi also sees clients for many other issues. Please enquire for further details.

Nishi is a member of the following associations and adheres to their code of ethics:

  • The National Council for Hypnotherapy, the largest professional body in the UK, and I subscribe to their code of ethics.
  • The National Council of Psychotherapist
  • Member of The Past Life Regression Therapy Association (AdvDPLT)
  • Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine
  • Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Member of the American Board of NLP
  • Member of ANLP
  • Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Nishi practices at The Westlake Clinic, 7 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD.


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